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We offer you dwarf shrubs and shrubs of the licensed and standard varieties of apple, pear, plum, sour cherry, sweet cherry, peach, apricot trees, blackcurrant, redcurrant, jostaberry and gooseberry (gooseberry of climbing and bush types grafted at the height of 90cm and 60cm).

For sale we have all colors of roses - climbing and bush types, in 3 and 5 liter containers, as well as with bare roots.

In order to establish the conditions for cooperation, please contact our office.


Fruit trees - autumn 2013 Take a look at our offer of fruit trees: apple, pear, sour cherry, sweet cherry, plum, peach and apricot trees which can be purchased in our nursery in autumn 2013.

Detailed offer of nursery materials will soon be on our website (in autumn 2013). We invite you to order and book!
Grafting and budding in order!
All affected customers to inform you that you may request budding / grafting fruit trees and rose bushes for individual orders.
The minimum order quantity of 500 units or more ...
Orders should be made one year in advance!

If you have questions, please contact our office


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